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Discography (can be found in all the streaming platforms): 
2023 Exaudio: Echoes of Longing (Album)
2022 Reetamaria Rajala: Silent (Album)
2022 The Raven -monologue opera (Album)
2022 Archipelago Stories (Second solo Album)
2021 Minimal Piano and Strings (Album)
2020 Emotional Hybrid Trailers (Album)
2018 Minus 25 (First Solo Album)
2017 Tales EP

Concert works:
2024 Mirroring The Mind (concerto for horn quartet)
2023 Snowfall and Mountain Spirit (piano music), composed for Trinity Publishing
2023 Hetkiä (four part piece for choir), composed for mixed choir Ahjo Ensemble
2022 Through The Waves (for string quintet), composed for Minimalia Concert series
2022 Silent Voices (for decacorde), composed for Mari Mäntylä
2021 A song cycle to Emily Dickinsons poems (for TampereRaw orchestra and two soloists).
2021 Together - A new piece for Faroese Choir and 3 musicians (Nordic Music Days commission)

2019 I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, composed for female choir Exaudio
2019 Both Side Now - A new Piece for Manchester Central Library, commissioned by Brighter Sound 
2018 Stopping (choir and soprano saxophone, composed for male choir Akademiska sångföreningen)
2017 The Raven (monologue opera for bass baritone and chamber ensemble)
2016 Lucid​ Dream (orchestral piece for Baltic Sea Philharmonic)
2015 Vågor- Saxophone-Piano duo (Linn Persson and Christoffer Hästbacka)
2015 The Avian Eye- Opera for The National Gallery
2014 Lonely Islet, chamber orchestra
2010 I fjällen, string quartet and trumpet
2010 Chained and The World's Most Beautiful Ballerina (serie for chamber orchestra)
2009 Dream(s), choir

2022 Cold (dir. Lauri Danska, Yle, Arte)
2022 Normaalii (dir. Ali Al-Saffu)
2021 Four O'clock Flowers (dir. Pete Callow)
2021 When The Night Falls (dir. Kimmo Leed)
2020 Betur sjá augu (dir. Sesselia Olafsdottir)
2020 Kuinka lyhdyt muuttuvat linnunradoiksi, huokaukset mitataan hevosvoimissa ja naftalätäköistä tulee uudella maailmankartalla valtameriä (Yle, silent film)
2020 Waste no. 4 (dir. Jan Ijäs)
2019 Siirin eriskummallinen elämä (documentary, dir. Lauri Danska)
2018 Soitonopettaja (The Cello Teacher, documentary, dir. Lauri Danska)
2018 Umskipti (psychological thriller, dir. Sesselia Olafs)
2017 Ego Cure (virtual reality, dir. Synes Elischka)
2015 Úthýst (fiction)
2015 My Bonnie Butterfly (fiction, dir. Lily Dong) 
2014 Splinters (fiction, dir. Jerker Beckman)
2014 To Be Destroyed (Documentary film, dir. Ahmed Ebraheem)
2014 Dear Christo (fiction, dir. Adityo Banerjee), composition, music editing
2013 Pride (dir. Stefanie Espinetti), composition, music production
2013 Never let go (fiction, dir. Martón Jelinkó)
2013 The Tempest (silent film, dir. Elina Oikari), composition
2012 Her Room (film, dir. Mirkka Kallio), composition and production
2012 Pélleas et Mélisande, (silent film, dir. Elina Oikari and Lauri Danska), composition, piano 
2010 Verna (film, dir. Mirkka Kallio) composition

2016 Aava- radiotheatre (dir. Ville Aalto and Susanna Airaksinen), will be broadcasted in Yle during 2016 2015 Propeller- Installation (artist. Zuzanna Weiss), compositon ( 
2015 The Infinite Bridge- A Multimedia Symphony (dir./written Peter Cox), composition (
2015 Herman (dir. Sharon Willems, Kibo Productions), composition
2014 Tea Set (dir. Sharon Willems, Kibo Productions), composition- sound design
2014 Berlin Kabaret, Songs of Revolution, Love and Exile (Sphinx Theatre Company, Kabaree, dir. Sue Parrish), music/sound desing
2014 Näkki (Music for installation about Finnish mythologies, artist Niina Kiiveri), composition
2013- 2014 6x Maisema (dramatised musical performance, dir./written Marja Vehkanen) composition, concept and music rehearsing
2011 Seagul (theatre play, dir. Jarno Kuosa), composition and rehearsing

2015 The Brewing Storm (dir. Rebecca Crane), composition
2014 Creatures (dir. Rebecca Crane), composition
2014  Hunger (dir. Felix Koehler), composition
2014 Anubis on the Road (dir. Paul Nicholson), composition
2014 Ink (dir. Rebecca Crane), composition
2013 The First Day (animation, dir. Paul Nicholson), composition

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